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Don’t miss Black Swift Technologies CEO Dr. Jack Elston as they discuss flying in the most challenging conditions on earth: Wednesday, April 13 at 11:00 EST.

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Join Dawn and special guest Dr. Jack Elston, CEO of Boulder, Colorado-based Black Swift Technologies on Dawn of Drones this week, as the podcast continues “Thought Leaders” month sponsored by TruWeather Solutions. BST is recognized as a leader in delivering reliable, robus, and highly accurate uncrewed aircraft capable of flying advanced payloads in the most demanding atmospheric environments (high-altitude, arctic, desert, corrosive particulates, strong turbulence). The company and its CEO have become industry leaders in UAS use in global nomadic field campaigns in extreme conditions including wildland fires, volcanoes, tornadoes and hurricanes, and have employed that experience to build best in class solutions for commercial applications.

Dr. Elston, CEO and Founder of Black Swift, has over 15 years experience working in the UAS field. Dr. Elston is also the technical lead on the avionics work at BST including the creation of a low cost, highly capable autopilot system along with unique networking technologies to enable cooperative control of UAS. Dr. Elston received his PhD from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2011 developing a system and algorithms for sUAS sampling of supercell thunderstorms. This work culminated in the design of a system used to conduct the first ever intercept of a tornadic thunderstorm by an unmanned aircraft as part of the NSF and NOAA funded VORTEX2 project. Dr. Elston’s other work at the University of Colorado involved the development of four different unmanned aircraft systems at the Research and Engineering Center for Unmanned Vehicles along while conducting over 300 flight experiments. At Black Swift Technologies, he’s participated in the design and operation of unmanned aircraft systems for volcanic plume observation, wildfire monitoring, satellite validation, soil moisture measurement, and even for the exploration of the upper atmosphere of Venus.

BST is a Carahsoft Partner and joins the podcast as part of the larger Carahsoft Partner Series, which endows and highlights Carahsoft’s UAS Government Solutions. Carahsoft is the premier reseller that delivers cutting-edge government IT solutions at the best value. The companies featured in this series are proud members of the Carahsoft ecosystem that provide comprehensive end-to-end UAS ecosystem solutions for federal, state, local, tribal and territorial governments.

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