Gremsy Gimbals and Auterion Drones: Deeply Integrated Gimbal Solution Announced

gremsy gimbals and Auterion gremsy gimbals and Auterion Gremsy Gimbals and Auterion Drones – integration with Open Source Drone Platform

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Today, leading drone camera stabilizer manufacturer Gremsy has announced the formation of a partnership with autonomous mobility platform Auterion. The partners have teamed up for the development of a deeply integrated gimbal solution for Auterion powered and MAVLink compatible drone platforms. Gremsy PE, a new introductory lineup, provides users with the ability to utilize open drone ecosystems with a range of camera payload options.

Available in both the T3 PE and Pixy PE model, Gremsy PE comes custom-built on the company’s T3 and Pixy U line of gimbals. Compatible with a wide variety of specialized cameras, this new lineup design adheres to the Pixhawk Payload Bus and is fully standardized in mechanical and electrical connection. Gremsy PE also features a sliding dovetail quick release, streamlining system setup and configuration and enabling plug and play functionality with Auterion powered and other MAVlink based platforms, such as Cube and Pixhawk.

Auterion and Gremsy’s partnership is a major step towards the integration of the Gremsy gimbal functionality into the Auterion Open Ecosystem via its incorporation with advanced aviation module Auterion Skynode, which enables the Auterion software platform using Pixhawk open standards. The integration of the PE gimbal with Auterion powered drones provides customers with access to the full feature set of Auterion’s Open Drone Ecosystem and Gremsy’s gimbal platforms in order to utilize payload and gimbal controls and settings, enabling an assortment of applications such as mapping and inspection.

Gremsy PE is compatible with payload control of Sony A7RIV and Wiris series cameras, as well as a range of Auterion powered payloads. The PE gimbals also enable customers to develop gimbal control-related products or applications by MAVSDK, MAVLink Gimbal Protocol V2 and gSDK.

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